Hampshire Country School
Rindge, NH 03461

Not all bright children are easy children.  Hampshire Country School is for the unusually bright boy that everyone else finds too bothersome.

It is for the boy who reads all the time but resists reading what is assigned in school.

It is for the boy who wishes he could be the best student in his class but can’t sit still.

It is for the boy who loves facts and doesn’t realize that others don’t want to hear about them all the time.

It is for the boy who is so excited about everything around him that he doesn’t pay attention to his teachers and receives a diagnosis such as ADHD or Executive Function Disorder.

It is for the boy who wants to have friends but too often seems to lose them.

It is for the boy who is so sure he is right that he explodes when others disagree with him or when he is frustrated.

It is for the boy who is so focused on his own thoughts and interests that he ignores other people and is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

It is for the boy who, when in a large traditional school, may require medication in order to function and be tolerated but who would be more alert and energetic in a school that could enjoy him and teach him without medication. 

It is for the boy who is young for his age, enjoys pleasing adults, and likes to play, but who doesn’t fit because others his age have suddenly grown older and more sophisticated.

It is for the boy whose spirit is likely to be broken in a large middle school where everything is too complex and moves too fast and where everyone else is too grown up.

It is for the boy who wants a school where others will share his interests, where they will not be too upset by his irritabilities, and where he will belong.

Hampshire Country School is a small, family-style boarding school for high ability boys who need a caring environment, a solid education, and lots of adult attention.  It is best for students who enroll when they are in 4th, 5th or 6th grade, before the social and personal demands of a large middle school have destroyed their confidence and their enthusiasm for learning.  A few older students may also be accepted.

William Dickerman, Director of Admissions
Hampshire Country School

28 Patey Circle, Rindge, NH 03461

Phone:  603-899-3325

Fax:  603-899-6521

Website: www.hampshirecountryschool.org

Email:  admissions@hampshirecountryschool.net

Enrollment:  20 to 25 boys, grades 3 to 12.

Usual entering age:  8 to 12 years old.

School year cost (2014-2015):  $53,500.